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Facts About the Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich

Once you take a look at an American favorite especially when it comes to food then of them is the Philly cheese steak sandwich. If this infamous sandwich is what you want to try then it is you that can find a lot of variations for it. If you are considering these variations then you can find this that has vegetables in it. In most of the sandwiches that you see though, it is the green peppers and onions that will always be present. Whenever this famous sandwich is prepared then you can also see some variations. A sandwich that is being made on the griddle is what you are able to see some will do. There are many people that want to have some more of this sandwich due to the right mix of fried steak, onions and creamy cheese.

It is in Philadelphia that is the best place that you can have this sandwich especially if you are looking for the best and most authentic. The year was 1952 when this tasty snack was first served. This snack started as a long roll sandwich with thinly sliced steak on it and is covered with cheese. This sandwich is also intertwined with the Declaration of Independence of the city which makes it significant. The deliciousness and popularity of this sandwich not only lies on what it is but the history that it has behind it.

If you take a look at the city then it is you that can see a lot of street vendors or quality restaurants that sells the Philly cheese sandwich. You also will have a chance to taste this sandwich in difrent sporting arenas in the city. Seeing cheese steaks all around the city is what you are able to od. If you want to taste the best though then you must opt for the original makers of it. The original makers of this sandwich are the Pat’s and Geno’s restaurants which are located in the Italian market in South Philadelphia. These are the restaurant that started this sandwich revolution.

A hot dog vendor named Pat Olivieri is the one that started using chopped streaks as an alternative to the hotdogs that he was using. It was during this time that the steak sandwich started. When he realized that many people liked to then he started opening his own restaurant. ‘Pat’s King of Steaks’ was the name of the restaurant.

Due to the popularity of this sandwich, it has now spilled over tasty different cities all over America. There are now shops that sell this sandwich and has integrated their own unique touch to it. It is by doing so that they are able to call it their own. Once you take a look at some restaurants then they also offer delivery for these sandwiches.
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